Duration: 100 Hrs (2.5 hrs/ day, 5 days in a week)

This is a general skill development program for the unemployed youth to make them equip to get updated with the desired communication and soft skills to meet the industry expectations.

Though Educational Institutions have placement wings, they are mainly focusing on quantity, pass percentage and then brand image. As a result they lose quality in general learning ability, knowledge , IQ skills related to any job in future, ability to face an interview panel etc... Lack of ability results into de motivation, lack of practical exposure in handling any tough situations may result in breakdown /stress.

What industry needs is, young talents with communication skills, especially speaking skills in English, inter personal skills, confidence & acceptance level, courage, projection of their own personality, presentation, openness to accept any challenges and computer skills.

The above mentioned skill sets form the softer aspects of Job requirements and can be broadly termed as soft skills. Soft skills will give the winning edge to gain most of the emerging jobs. The more soft skills that an individual exhibits, the greater and faster will be the career growth.

Communication skills, once mastered, will serve a person in every aspect of his life. He will be a better and effective communicator in his workplace, with his family, and with his friends. Language skills and its right usages is naturally inevitable for good communication.

Similarly, stress management, effective decision making skills, delegation skills, conflict management skills, or team building skills are critical for new as well as seasoned leaders.

Also effective decision making skills, delegation skills, conflict management skills, and team building skills are critical for the leaders of tomorrow.

This program impart all these skill set and is essential for any student to face industry irrespective of their basic qualification.

Course Modules :
Soft Skills
Communication Skills

Basic Language Skills